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Currently, the WHY project consists of just a handful of people, but we hope that we can eventually maintain a cast of experts, each offering their capabilities to build a new windowing system based on an open architecture that can unify the Unix GUI world. Sure, there are several other projects, Berlin, GNOME, and KDE to name a few. Berlin is a new windowing system based on GGI and QuickDraw GX. GNOME is an X GUI unification project, and KDE is a Common Desktop Environment clone utilizing Qt.

Each of these projects has a lot to offer, Berlin is a very interesting project to say the least. The fact that GNOME and KDE are based on X is a reason that I started this project.

Ideally we'll have source code available (and a CVS driven bazaar style of development) on a regular basis once the project is moving along.

The beauty of the Net is the amount of talent readily accessible to help with projects such as this. If you'd like to help with this project, join the WHY-project mailing list by sending an email to the maintainer.