About APSoft

What is APSoft?

APSoft (pronounced A-P-S soft) is a software company that dates back to aproximately August of 1994. The company has been primarily a spare time hobby, when were not working as programmers (and getting paid). APSoft has developed several little applications in the past, mostly programs written by us individually and released under the APSoft name.

APSoft is comprised of Anduin Withers and Perry Harrington. We look forward to many years of programming and offering good quality software with some interesting ideas. We are focusing on developing applications as a group whole, while still offering those indespensible little programs.

What do we do?

APSoft's mission is to provide software that integrates the latest technology for use with today's computers. One aspect which will set us apart is the ability to run our programs on some of the widest variety of operating systems. We have the drive, knowledge, and capability to offer the latest in technology.

We will be supporting SGI (Irix), Sun (Solaris 2.4+), x86 (Linux, Windows NT/95) and, hopefully other platforms. We program exclusively in C and C++, so we maintain compatibility with other operating systems and can provide the highest quality programs.

We employ the latest development tools for creating our programs, so you won't be stuck with a 16-bit Windows 3.x application on your new Windows 95 computer. Using the latest development tools allows us to provide more reliable software and faster programs to you, the user.

The future of APSoft

No one can really ever tell what is over the horizon. We must take each day, week, and year as it comes, the more time that passes allows us to plot our course into the future.

We just hope to look forward to a successful future, being able to provide good software to people while having fun writing it. When writing software loses it's fun, then we will retire into the future

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