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WinFortune version 1.2
One of the simple little programs that Anduin developed. It is designed to be the Microsoft Windows counterpart of the Linux fortune program. This is the latest release, further development has ceased, any future releases will be bug fixes.
Win ICB 32
This is a bit more serious application. Due to the disappointment of existing Windows based ICB programs, Anduin wrote this one to offer him Windows NT access to ICB. WICB32 offers customizable beeps, logon/startup scripts which emulate someone typing in their username, what group they want, all of the standard things that must be specified. This program is written for Windows NT or Windows 95, currently there are no plans of releasing a 16 bit (Windows 3.1, etc) version of this program. Win ICB 32 is in beta stage development.
BumpInfo v1.2b
This program is a Win32 Console mode application which will display all important information contained in a Windows bitmap file. It allows you to selectively display the BITMAPFILEHEADER, BITMAP[CORE]INFO, RGBQUAD/TRIPLE or a summary of the bpp and number of palette entries contained within the file. It also allows one to save the palette out of the .bmp file and into a raw palette file or to a LOGPALETTE structure. It can also be used to load a raw palette into an existing .bmp file. This program is in beta stage development.

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