YALIC 32 (formerly WICB 32) is an ICB client for Windows NT and Win 95. It has a robust interface with several feature previously thought only to exist in cool software. If you have used ICB it should seem quite familiar, if not please see the ICB users guide.

Download the latest version of YALIC32.

Here are some screen shots (and explanations) of the latest client.

One of the new features added in this version is the ability to position the input and output windows. This allows the user to place the input and output windows in a fashion which most suites their taste.

A second display option places the input window on the bottom and the output window on the top, allowing the user to adjust their respective sizes by moving a sizing bar situated between the two windows.

The last display option is similar to that shown above except the input window is placed on the right and the output window is placed on the left.

Still, more customizations are available to the more adventurous users. The program will allow the user to change the display font, color, and the display background color by pressing the right mouse button over any window. Doing so will bring up a menu similar to this:

Features YALIC32 has that the other Windows ICB clients do not:
  • A decent tab history (virtually infinite memory of who you /m'd)
  • Fully working client, no shells of features to come.
  • It is written in a robust language (C++) which allows for quick changes without adversely affecting other portions of the program.
  • The core architecture is very close to being OLE compliant, paving the way for easy implementation of scripting languages and a dropin ICB control.
  • You can cut and paste!!
  • Timely updates and responses to bug submissions.

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